Marina Royale – the New Face of Darłowo

Serenity, peacefulness and sandy beaches. A wavy sea, whose proximity soothes the visitors and encourages them to stroll all year round. What is more, superior apartments with unprecedented location in Poland, with balconies literally hanging over the surface of the water. This is what attracts tourists and investors to Marina Royale, a project carried out by the Belgian developer POC Partners in Darłowo, one of the most beautiful and family-friendly holiday destinations on the Baltic Sea. A stay at the Baltic Sea is an experience that most likely everyone has shared in their lifetime. Even though the sea is not really warm, its charm is undeniable, both in summer and in winter. Sentimental memories of summer camps, holidays with parents, student excursions, or trips with our beloved. Swimming, sunbathing, as well as walks on the beach at sunsets. The Polish coast is unique and some of the seaside destinations have an extraordinary charm. Darłowo certainly belongs thereto. At the seafront, called Darłówko, a spectacular investment is being made which is bound to make this resort even more attractive.

Investment on the Seafront
POC Partners, a Belgian investor, acquired a derelict post-military site located right next to the entrance to the outport. A complex of apartment buildings is being built there called Marina Royale. The first building, UltraMar, has offered guests and residents the opportunity to enjoy their stay in Darłowo now for two seasons. The building houses 61 residential units, a two-storey garage hall and a year-round LIDO restaurant, which is available not only to the apartment owners and tenants but also to the residents of Darłowo and the surrounding towns. In August 2020, construction of the second apartment building, VistaMar, began. It is a five storey building, referring in its style to timeless Flemish architecture. It will house 105 year- round apartments, as well as an indoor swimming pool, saunas, a spa, a kids’ club, a fitness studio, a café with a bakery as well as conference and banquet rooms with a view of the sea. The investment will also include an underground garage, storage units, a laundry room with a drying room, spacious bicycle rooms and a sunny green patio with a relaxation zone. The building will be lower than UltraMar, and there will be a public promenade between its facade and the sea. It is called the Sunset Boulevard because, as strollers will soon find out, it will offer some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the sunshine over the Baltic Sea. They are, in fact, the hallmark of Darłówko, where for most of the year the sun sets directly over the sea. The third MiraMar building, closing the investment, will be built in the following years.

Only the Sea is Closer to the Sea
POC Partners is a Belgian company, which specializes in coastal investments. Their projects have influenced the development of such places as Knokke and Ostend, which quickly became the favourite resorts in Belgium. They offer tourists a comfortable holiday and the residents the luxury of a year-round life by the sea. The investor has adopted a similar approach to Darłowo, where the Royale Marina is being built. It is a city with a fascinating history and huge potential. The later king of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Erik I, was born there and it is the place that Leopold Tyrmand immortalized in his novel “Seven Distant Cruises”. Darłowo’s past can be written endlessly about, but what matters now is the future. The emerging investment will make the resort even more attractive. There will be not only modern accommodation for tourists and opportunities for those investing in real estate, but also benefits for the residents such as jobs and a generally accessible, year-round infrastructure along with a new face of Darłowo. Apart from the promenade, POC Partners will also construct new streets, which will allow access to buildings and provide shortcuts to the beach. Exceptional conference and banquet rooms with a direct view of the sea will provide a venue not only for business meetings but also for various family and private gatherings such as birthdays, christening, wedding or communion receptions.

Construction on the very seashore is a challenge for the investor and requires special architectural and technical arrangements. Over 25 years of experience of POC Partners in the implementation of seaside projects makes it possible to take this specificity into account both at the planning stage and when constructing individual buildings. In addition, the Belgians have focused on the high quality of materials and workmanship, which is characteristic of all POC Partners’ projects, a total of over 90 projects have already been completed, mainly in Belgium.

Investment for the Future
Royale Marina is a place where you can enjoy your holiday, waking up with a view of the sea and watching the wave show sipping coffee on the terrace. Among the customers of POC Partners there are also those for whom the purchase of a seaside apartment is the best investment. The value of the property is growing from year to year, and an additional advantage is the possibility to let it and charge a monthly rent. Of course, a lot of buyers choose to stay in their own apartments just to rest there. Recent months have shown us that it is a great privilege to have one’s own apartment in a place with tourist potential. The pandemic has forced us to stay at home, work remotely, and the possibilities for traveling in our free time were very limited. Therefore, buying an apartment is now not only an investment, but also a guarantee of comfortable rest and peace at any time of the year.

The concept of our buildings assumes the possibility to enjoy both the apartments and comprehensive facilities all year round. This is part of a long-term project which we have been carrying out in one of the most dynamically developing seaside locations in Poland, says Thomas Schoutens, General Manager of POC Partners Polska.
We are committed to creating excellent quality buildings which, thanks to their timeless form, will fit into the character of the area. Their residents will be able to enjoy the beauty of this Baltic Sea resort in comfortable conditions, regardless of the weather or season, he adds.

It is therefore worth considering an investment that combines the best of the Polish seaside with Belgian quality and reliability. VistaMar apartments will be handed over to their owners in summer 2023. The developer guarantees turnkey standard of finishing of each apartment.
Prepared by Marina Royale Darłowo