UltraMar residence invites tourists for seaside holidays

First guests have moved into the newly commissioned UltraMar residence, which is the first of the three apartment buildings of the Marina Royale project. Located by sea water surface, the building has been inviting tourists eager for seaside holidays in the climate of Darłowo since August.

The six-story building houses 61 apartments furnished in a fresh and timeless marine aesthetics. These are both comfortable studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments. Regardless of their size, they have the most important thing in common – a unique view: on the open sea, on the sea and the west or east beaches or the sea and the channel of the Wieprza River, through which ships enter the port of Darłowo. It will be possible to rent some of the apartments for a day starting from August. Despite the full equipment (in each of the apartments there is a kitchen and dining room), holiday guests can enjoy breakfast in the LIDO restaurant on the ground floor of the building, also serving lunches and dinners a la carte, of course, everything with a gorgeous view. And it is literally amazing, because UltraMar is the first residential building in Poland, which was built on the wharf of the outer port, i.e. the farthest towards the sea, the protruding part of the port. Unusual location (balconies literally hang over the water, and thus over the border of the Polish land territory) which is unique on the scale of the entire country. And for residents and guests, a guarantee that whether sitting on the terrace, on the sofa or in the bedroom, you can enjoy the sight of the sea space stretching to the horizon.

The six-story building with timeless architecture uses the highest quality technologies – acoustically soundproofed walls between the apartments, energy-saving large aluminium windows with triple glazing, guaranteeing minimal heat loss, sun exposure of the interior of the rooms and maintaining the right temperature. Convenience is also provided by a garage hall, to which cars are accessed … by the elevator.

Marina Royale is located in the centre of the seaside Darłówko. The location at the entrance to the port, close to the drawbridge, guarantees easy access to the main attractions of the resort, and on the other hand allows you to fully enjoy the charms of coastal life. The building is located right next to the beautiful sandy beach, and easy access to it and to the suburban forests is provided by the nearby footbridge on the dunes and a bicycle path.

Darłowo, called the Royal City of Darłowo is a charming resort that has a lot to offer throughout the year. The beaches here are considered the prettiest in Poland and besides nature and beautiful sunsets, tourists are attracted by the impressive history of the city. It was here that the last Baltic Viking and the Slavic ruler – King Eric, was born and died.

Easy access to Darłówek from Gdańsk or Szczecin is provided by the national road No. 6. Koszalin is 40 km from the facility, and Ustka 41 km.