Showroom apartment in UltraMar… open to visitors!

The moment has come to open the show apartment at the UltraMar residence. Anyone interested in buying an apartment at Marina Royale can visit the interiors, previously shown only in the visualizations, now presented in a beautiful, coastal reality. You can admire the view from the terrace now and feel the refreshing sea breeze, especially on the warm days.

The UltraMar closest to the sea, the one situated at the entrance to Darłowo port, is the first of the three apartment buildings to be part of the Marina Royale project.

All apartments are arranged  into a turnkey mode, classically elegant, in a contemporary design –  Royale Classic or a Scandinavian model – Modern Baltic – emphasizing the seaside character of the apartment. In each of them the buyer does not have to worry about laying the floors, or connecting kitchen equipment. All what a buyer need to do is to choose a mattress for a bed, bring a  favourite chair and enjoy the Baltic coast life immediately after the purchase.

UltraMar was has been constructed with the use of unique and latest technologies, rarely used in Poland. There is easy access to the two-level garage hall and lifts under the building.

Additionally, the building features many novel solutions such as  soundproofed walls between the apartments, energy-saving, large, aluminum windows with triple glazing, guaranteeing minimal heat loss, insulation of the room interiors to maintain the right temperature. Every detail is important – staircase railings made of the best steel, with proper anti-corrosion coatings, a specially selected plasters and bricks (the facade was manually molded to make it more resistant to external factors). The use of the highest quality materials and a proven contractor provides our customers with a 10-year warranty, as opposed to the usually used in Poland 5 years guarantee. UltraMar building has still a few more apartments available for sale so this is the last chance to buy a property in such a unique location.

The bookings for the next building apartments – VistaMar – a mansion that will be built next to UltraMar in three years, have just started. Both buildings will accommodate various useful facilities for their residents such as a children’s club, a SPA center and publicly available restaurants.