The Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes as a tourist attraction

Darłowo tempts with its beautiful beach, port and landscapes, but there are some interesting buildings and monuments worth visiting. The medieval Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle is  perhaps the most impressive building, which offers tourists many attractions; it is unique not only for the Castle expositions, but also for its location and heritage.


The Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle, for its magnificence, stands out on the Darłowo plan. It is located on an island located between the Wieprza river and the Młyński Canal. It was established in the XIVth century (1352-1372) upon the initiative of Bogusław Vth. Initially a Gothic building, rebuilt by subsequent rulers, no longer resembles a typical medieval fortress. The original shape of the building erected on the  square plan was extended with subsequent wings  , as well as a few granaries with the high defensive tower housing the entrance gate is its distinctive feature.

Currently, the Castle hosts a regional museum with the exposition of antique furniture in the Biedermeier style and famous original Gdańsk cupboards (all gathered in the green room), as well as everyday household objects. A visitor can admire a collection of portraits and figures of Pomeranian dukes, folk art exhibitions or a rich collection of sacred art coming from nearby churches. Among other attractions are historical dungeons and the tower itself with an unforgettable view from its top. The castle awaits tourists not only in summer but throughout the year so visiting Darłowo on any holidays is definitely a perfect choice.