Smurfy day in Darłowo Voluntary Centre

Thanks to our cooperation with Darłowo Volunteering Centre in the early October, a Smerfest party took place! Children of all ages, with the help of the group leaders, had lots of fun with the blue creatures from stories created by the Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford known to his readers as Peyo.

As part of the workshop, organized in partnership with the Belgian POC – Marina Royale Darłowo investor, our small residents of Darłowo had the opportunity to take part in the cooking workshops at the Greedy Smurf’s corner, the Smurfs quiz and a Smurfy  art contest with prizes. The whole event was accompanied by the workshops of painting faces, making smurfy bracelets and many more other exciting attractions. Our guests could taste some delicious Smurfy jellies and visit the Gargamel’s laboratory. The children left the party tired but happy, after dancing to smurfy hits and taking part in the smurfy quiz. At the end, all the art competition contestants were awarded with delicious chocolate gifts.

POC has been one of the partners of the Darłowo Volunteering Centre since 2017, supporting the organization’s activities mainly financially. The investor wants to develop the local community relations and acknowledge  their role in the area development. POC has already built their strong relationship with the local community by supporting DCW and sponsoring the BCM Cycling Club Nowatex Ziemia Darłowska. Thanks to this cooperation the club can be proud of the Polish record holders, fourth place winners of the elite European track cycling championships (Glasgow 2018), Daria Pikulik and Wiktoria Pikulik and Marlena Karwacka junior vice-champion of the globe in the scratch race, a multiple junior champion Marta Jaskulska and current vice-champion of the world in Keirin Nikola Sibiak.