Support for Darłowo development awarded

We are pleased to announce that the Marina Royale investment has been recognized and received a prestigious  award granted by the Local Government and the Mayor of the City of Darłowo, Arkadiusz Klimowicz.

The award is an expression of gratitude for the contribution to the development of Darłowo, by enhancing the quality of life in the city and the increasing in the value of its brand. It is a great honor to be among people, companies and institutions which have taken the most significant initiatives for the city. We are proud that our project can change the image of this place and improve the quality of the local tourism, ideally fitting in the coastal landscape and natural values.


The awarding ceremony  was held on  January 8th during the annual New Year’s local meeting summarizing the achievements of the previous twelve months. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the 11 laureates as well as the other winners and wish them all even more spectacular initiatives and activities in the future. We also hope that in the next years Marina Royale will continue to support the development of Darłowo even stronger.