Uncompromising location

The Marina Royale Complex is being developed on the waterfront of an outer harbour, the part of Darłowo harbour that reaches furthest into the sea. The unparalleled location with balconies literally suspended over the water is unique in Poland. For the residents, it is a guarantee that nothing built in the future will obstruct their views and it will always be possible to enjoy the inspiring sight of the sea stretching out to the horizon.

Darłowo, known in Poland as the Royal Town, is a charming resort which has a lot to offer all year round. The local beaches are considered among the prettiest in Poland, and in addition to nature and beautiful sunsets, the town’s long history is a draw for tourists.

It was in Darłowo where King Eric, a onetime ruler of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and parts of Poland was born and died. Visitors can see parts of the home he built in 1352 at the Darłowo Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes, which is the only Gothic castle on the Baltic Sea coast in Poland.

Apartments surrounded by water

Marina Royale Complex’s wonderful seaside location is both an asset and a challenge. That is why the investor is the Belgian company POC, which has many years of experience creating buildings surrounded by water and is renowned for its luxury projects by the North Sea.

In a location like this, it’s not just the view from the window important, but the thought put into every finishing detail. From balcony rails made of the highest quality steel with anticorrosive protection to windows guaranteeing proper thermal insulation, every aspect has been carefully thought through. Their insistence on materials of the highest quality and a use of verified contractor allows POC to provide its customers with a 10-year warranty, rather than the usual 5-year of warranty offered elsewhere in Poland.

Apartments closest
to the sea

  • 1 step away from the sea
  • 2 steps to the river Wieprza
  • 3 meters over the surface of water
  • Beach Bar
  • 2 breakwaters entering 400m into the sea
  • Sandy beach
  • Apartment sales office
  • Restaurant
  • Lighthouse
  • Shipyard
  • New roads
  • Water streetcar to Darłowo
  • Extendable bridge
  • All-year Marina for yachts
  • Numerous areas for sports
  • New fishing port
  • The new promenade
  • Tennis courts
  • Football stadium
  • All-year yacht storage
  • Royal Castle
  • 15 thousandth city

Nature and landscapes make Darłowo a tiny jewel of the Baltic

With its long sandy beaches, eye-catching sand dune formations, and luscious green forests, the town of Darłowo is a feast for the eyes.

The privacy, the climate and tranquillity you can enjoy here is becoming rare in other seaside resorts. This is a place for peaceful living and family life, away from the hustle and bustle of big metropolises.

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