Unforgettable holidays in Darłówko

Hotels and museums have been reopened, restaurants are about to follow suit, and sunny, spring weather encourages people to book their holidays by the Baltic Sea! Where to find golden beaches, intimate
atmosphere and… a sea of attractions? In Darłowo. It is called the “town of setting sun”, because the sight of the golden sphere sinking in the depths of the sea is truly unforgettable. It is also a ideal place for enthusiasts of activities, architecture, history and sophisticated cuisine!

Darłowo –Darłówko is a place where sunsets on the Baltic are most impressive. Why? Because they resemble a golden star wanting to hide away from the night directly opposite the port. The best place
to admire this evening show are the balconies of Marina Royale apartments, the open-air section of Brasserie LIDO restaurant located on the ground floor of the residence, the port’s breakwaters or local
beaches. Those planning to come with their loved ones and want to impress them with romantic scenery should definitely visit the Darłowo lighthouse. It is 22 metres’ high and on its top there is an active and modern ship navigation system. From the top of the lighthouse, there is a magnificent view of the sea and the entry to the port. If you wait until the sunset, you will experience an unforgettable spectacle of colours in the sky above Darłowo.

On the river Wieprza in Darłówko, there is Poland’s only retractable bridge connecting the eastern and the western part of the town. There are only several such bridges in Europe. The bridge can be used by pedestrians only, so be sure to include it in your walking route, take a look at the control tower and guess why it is sometimes called a UFO. Fun out of this world guaranteed!

Darłowo is a town abounding in monuments, the most impressive of which is the castle of Eric of Pomerania – the last Viking on the Baltic Sea. The castle museum is where you can learn more about legendary treasures and pirate conquests that Darłowo witnessed centuries ago. Today, wooden galleons setting off on tourist cruises stimulate imagination and remind us of those times. Those fascinated by the history of World War II will love the fact that many dunes on the beaches house bunkers that attract enthusiasts of fortifications. In was Darłowo where Germans built their incredible reinforced concrete vessels. During World War II, six concrete vessels – two tankers and four cargo ships – are said to have been constructed here. It is worth noting that Darłowo suffered hardly any losses during the war. Its most significant buildings remained untouched and continue to arouse interest of both tourists and local residents.

At a walking pace
Having spent a day lying on the beach, bathing in the sea and admiring sunsets, it is time to take an active rest in the form of a trip. The observation deck on a dune on the western beach (next to the Marina Royale car park) is a good starting point. Darłówko offers many more hiking trails, including true gems for every explorer, such as the Windmill Trail, the Trail of Medieval Monuments or the Trail By The Sea. It can be either a big excursion or a short walk, with one thing in common – there will always be joy of admiring sea landscapes and discovering the details of Darłowo’s history.

It’s time for a treat for adventure seekers. Windsurfing, stand up paddleboarding, surf fishing, yacht cruising or canoeing on the Wieprza and the Grabowa are an excellent way to test one’s endurance. The ropes course in Darłowo offers even more adrenaline. It currently has four tracks, one of which is designed for the youngest tourists. If you prefer bicycle trips, you will have a lot of them to choose from – the ones around the resort or long-distance routes, such as R-10, the European trail around the Baltic.

With a glass in hand
Fancy a glass of good wine after an intensive day? Sounds great! You should visit Brasserie LIDO, which, apart from a cuisine full of fresh, seasonal products, offers an extensive selection of great wines and Belgian beers. Those who would like to hear about the methods of winemaking are welcome to visit the Darłowo vineyard. It is located by Leśny Dworek, where 1400 grapevines grow! And it’s not all – more land is being prepared to plant new seedlings. The vineyard offers several wine varieties for tasting.

These are merely a few attractions available in Darłowo and Darłówko. Much can be written and said about them, but the best you can do is go there yourself and experience the Baltic Sea with all of your
senses. The resort offers attractions that will appeal to every single guest. The stay at Marina Royale is also a warranty of exceptional and comfortable rest. Morning coffee sipped on the balcony right above the water? Or a glass of prosecco at sunset? Every second spent here is pure pleasure, enhanced by the scent of sea breeze. Those who experienced it, will never forget the place.