BALTICA ROYALE RESORT DARŁOWO is an incredible enterprise which introduces a quality of seaside life unknown before in Darłowo.

The first part of this huge project is Marina Royale – a complex of three apartment blocks built on the waterfront of the port in Darłowo (the first of the buildings, named UltraMar will be delivered already in 2018, later VistaMar and MiraMar will also be built), where beside turn-key finished apartments also restaurants, a kids club and a SPA centre will be available.

Further stages of the resort will comprise Riviera Royale (full of amenities for whole families) being built on a dune in Słowiańska Street, as well as Viridia Royale,

i.e. an apartment complex located on a cliff, accompanied by world-class sports and recreational facilities including a golf course, tennis courts and a Japanese leisure park, among others.

Most importantly, in the whole Baltica Royale project, purchasing a property in a chosen part of the resort will allow the residents to use all the infrastructure, including those elements of it which are located in other parts of the complex.


The Marina Royale complex is the synonym of modern tourism, highest standards and European quality. Beside luxurious apartments there will be everything that comfortable leisure requires: an outdoor and indoor swimming pools, SPA, shops, gastronomy refreshments, garage and playground.

Also available beside Marina Royale:

SPA and Wellness Centre



Kids Club



A view of the sea, a forest or a river? In Riviera Royale all of it will be possible. First and foremost, it will be family-friendly and private there. It is here, on the dune in Słowiańska Street where apartment blocks are being built now, with complete amenities for whole families – from swimming pools and a SPA centre to attractions dedicated to children, all of them in such location so that you do not need to look for compromise and may be close to everywhere – the beach and a promenade in the forest.

Also available beside Marina Royale:

Swimming pool

SPA and Wellness Centre

Attractions for children


Recreational areas


The project constitutes a new perspective, a new quality of life, a new face of Eastern Darłowo. It is on a cliff providing unbelievable views of the sea, where a complex of apartment blocks is being built, accompanied by world-class sports and recreation base including a golf course, tennis courts and a Japanese leisure par, among others. The slogan of an active seaside life will gain a new meaning here.

Also available beside Viridia Royale:

Golf course

Tennis courts

Japanese park

View of the sea


POC Partners – Belgian developer invests in Darłowo

POC Partners is a Belgian company which has successfully accomplished numerous investments, mainly by the North Sea. It became renowned in the 90s for building the first luxurious apartment block in the summer resort of Knokke, which provided the town with a new direction for development, making Knokke the trendiest resort in Belgium and significantly increasing its lands value.
POC specialises in apartments built directly by the sea and it was with such a project that the company arrived in Poland.

POC Partners Poland is currently finishing the construction of UltraMar residence. It is being built on the waterfront of an outer harbour, the part of Darłowo harbour which reaches furthest into the sea, and will ultimately constitute one of the parts of a project named Marina Royale.

POC intends to remain engaged in Darłowo for a long time, with far-reaching plans of creating a residential area with complete sports and leisure infrastructure, including a golf course.
The investor is set on supporting and appreciating the local community. Therefore the decision to sponsor the Cycling Club BCM Nowatex Ziemia Darłowska has been made.