Luxurious apartments
with a view of the Baltic Sea


When a prime waterfront location meets fine architecture, an extraordinary project is born.

Marina Royale Darłowo is an investment property located on the section of Darłowo harbour that reaches furthest into the sea. This lovely location is home to an exciting architectural project. The Marina Royale complex will ultimately be made up of three luxurious residences offering the very finest accommodations.

Along with a view of the sea, the apartments come with top quality amenities for health, dining, and family life. These contemporary buildings use the most modern seaside building technologies.

The Marina Royale apartments are literally suspended over the surface of the water.

“You see the sea, you smell the sea, you feel the sea” – at Marina Royale, you can absorb the sea with all of your senses.

Marina Royale will include:

spa & wellness centre



kids club


Apartments overlooking the sea

  • Unspoiled view of the sea up to the horizon
  • Turn-key finishing according to your chosen style of design
  • Uncompromising finishing quality, with a focus on every detail

Apartments that will appreciate in value

Marina Royale provides the luxury of a year-round living at the seaside, and is an excellent investment. An apartment of this class and in such a remarkable location is a long-time asset that is likely to substantially appreciate in value.

Apartments overlooking the Baltic Sea. We offer new apartments directly by the sea!

  • 1 step away from the sea
  • 2 steps to the river Wieprza
  • 3 meters over the surface of water

POC Partners – a Belgian developer invests in Darłowo

POC Partners is a Belgian company that has successfully accomplished numerous projects, mainly by the North Sea. POC specialises in building apartments directly by the sea, and it is excited to be in Poland creating this inspired space for living.

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